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" I am your pet's
Best Friend
while you're away"

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Here is what other proud parents are saying:

We are so grateful to have found you.  Thank you for all the loving care that you give Goldie.  We love reading her weekly report card, appreciate the emails, and the pictures of our girl.  You are the best!              Mauri

Tracey is awesome with our kids.  We have a very large family (Noah's Arc.... 2 of everything) and they ALL love her.  She helped us out when are kids needed someone who would love them as much as we do....and believe me she does love them.  Thanks for everything, we wish we could take you with us to Colorado.        Traci, Erin, Kaci, Sophie, Kiki, T-Bear, Bart and A.J.

Thanks so much for taking wonderful care of Ella!  I'm glad I found someone I can trust!      Alycia

This woman was great with my kitty! She is a very kind & loving person! Highly recommended!           Sheray

Tracey has been a lifesaver! Gizmo has never been happier..        Julie

Thank you for coming to our rescue! I'm sure the boys will be glad
to see you.                                                  Dara

Thank you so much for taking care of my "babies"! I know they are in good hands.                    Kris

She is the only pet service  I use for the care of my four cats when I am out of town. She is highly dependable, reliable, and very trustworthy.  Her services for me include not only the regular service of feeding my cats and cleaning their litter boxes, but also she loves animals and always spends some quality time visiting with all of them. I always have peace of mind when Tracey is involved.           Judy    

Karen came home sooner than expected, she was very impressed with
the way Charlie responded to you and how happy he was when you  came.
I hope to use your services again :)                          Martha

Thank you sweetie! I understand Shasta loved you! I put in just a bit for a "bonus".                                  Dorothy

She is professional  and reliable at a time in our society  when these traits are an exception. I Heartily recommend her services to those whose family (pets) have to be left at home at times.                 Wes

Thanks again for looking after Spike and being conscientious when she had her vomiting spell.  Spike obviously was well cared for while we were gone, since when we walked in the door it was as if we just left that morning instead of two weeks before.                                     Alice

Thank you for taking such good care of our babies. They said they liked you very much ! :)                  Gina

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